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Default My feelings of the Radian Pro

So I have found a new place to fly, actually closer to my house, and quieter. I can take off from the street, but have found most of the grass is great for takeoffs if I had larger wheels. The grass, however, lets the Radian Pro have a soft landing, much more so than the last place which was much worse grass conditions. I have had about 10 flights, and I'm starting to quite like the Radian Pro. Overall, the plane looks great, though the decals on the bottom of the wings could be better. It seems that these decals hold the ailerons on, but not sure exactly (don't want to find out either). The tape holding the horizontal stab is another area I wish was better, but it works. Flight wise, the plane has ample power, but it isn't a plane that likes power as it tends to want to bank under power, and you have to play with aileron to stop this, or the plane will flip. This brings another issue, if the plane flips and dives, it gains negative lift in the wings, and you can actually see it happening. Now I suppose it wouldn't be easy but stiffer wings would help immensely.

During glide, I find the Radian Pro likes half flaps. This gives the plane lift but avoids more potential for stall that full flaps. With this I flew for 30 minutes in glide after a 30-40 second climb. Along with some thermals around the pond area. No flaps gives a lot less lift, but allows more speed. With more speed the thermals are skipped over

I used no flaps when I picked up speed and tried some inverted glide. While getting inverted is slow and usually fails, it actually flies stable inverted. I wish ailerons had more authority, but the way the servos are, it would require ripping them out and installing longer horns. Rudder has good authority, as does elevator. Occasionally I used full flaps and allowed to plane to essentially hover, which was fun. On landings I used full flaps as well to allow slight dive to clear pond but keep speed low, and this works well.

Overall a good plane, but due to wing flex in higher speeds and dives, which requires yanking on elevator to pop it up, beginners should go with the lesser wing Radian I presume. Even so, flight is gentle and predictable.
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