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Default Crazy ideas and all dimensions flyer ?

We've got fixed wing planes that fly ... but need to keep moving to do so. We have Helicopters and Multi-rotors that can rise vertically and move horizontally.

Now we know there are various full size machines and models that can combine both.

My post is to start a thread with ideas of how to combine models .. ie a quad and a fixed wing to produce a dual purpose verti-plane .. would that be a good name ?

Lets say you took a quad .. bare rod frame .. not a bulky job like some are. Then build a plane round it .. the rotors being in circular cut-outs in 4 wings ..
A tractor or pusher prop motor at end to give the forward movement .. or even backward as well if you can sort.

So we get vertical take-off .. and transition to normal flight ...


Anyone game ?


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