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Originally Posted by Zippi View Post
Not only am I new to this forum I'm also new to giant scale electric. I have been flying giant scale gasses for some years it's just the electric part I'm new to. I have some small electric planes just nothing big. I have the E-flite Power 360 that I'm going to use on a 50cc size plane running 12S. Unless I missed it I did not see a "Giant Scale" forum.
Giant scale and electric power work rather nicely together. Just be prepared for $$$$ Sticker Shock!

Here is some of my stuff.

Model Airplane Power Systems (Electric, glow, gasser)

Carl Goldburg Extra 330 Electric Conversion

Giant Scale electric motors vs Gasoline Engines

Harbor Freight Gasoline/Alternator Setup,

Great Planes Giant Big Stick Electric Conversion

Giant Scale Cessna Model

Redwing MXSR Model

Thread on 70 size glow engine conversion to electric

That MXSR model is currently my favorite. Flies well, looks very nice, and that Hacker A60-5S motor with a 10S2P A123 pack hauls that model straight up, out of sight. The wheel pants are crap though. Cheap plastic.

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