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Originally Posted by CHELLIE View Post
Myself, If all the Software is not already with the Transmitter, Then i dont want it, I am a Computer Dummy, and would never be able to down load software into a Transmitter and make it work, I am a baby Boomer, and all this Gizmo / software user interface, Computer stuff drives me crazy, I want Peace of Mind LOL, I Belive in KISS
I think you might not be alone in being put off by the complexity of the software Chellie. Truth is that you don't have to connect it to your PC. The Tx functions perfectly ok without updating firmware or such like.

Having said that. If you struggle programming (say) a simple mix into a Spekie or Jr Tx then you are really going to find the Taranis very hard going. The software has clearly been designed to be as open and flexible as possible but that does by definition mean that it's not as pre-configured as most systems.

As an example of this, say you wanted to set up elevons. On most systems there would be a pre-configures programming option for elevons. You would just select elevon, plug the servos into the appropriate channels and hey-presto you would have working elevons. You might need to reverse a channel but other than that job done.
On the Taranis you wont find any pre-configured setting for elevon, flaperon, V-tail or anything else. What you have to do is individually select what sticks drives what channel. So to set up elevon you would have to select that (say) channel two was driven by both aileron stick and the elevator stick, then adjust +/- sign of both stick inputs to give the correct movement direction. Then you would do the same for the other elevon channel (say channel 5). Once you get the idea it's actually a very logical way to work, but I still think many will find it difficult.
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