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Default New foam designed airplanes

I am so impressed with todays designs. I just viewed the Dynam Smart, what a great designed airplane. I experimented with foamies in the late 60's and was laughed out of the club. What a great improvement todays foamies have over my flyables from the past. This is my quandry, I am wondering if one of you has tried to skin a foamy with something other than fiberglass? It would stiffen up the airframe and also make it more resistent to dents etc. There are hundreds of products that are commercially available. I'm thinking something like a fine mesh cloth or light weight paper. I realize more layers would result in a stronger surface, I doubt if weight would increase to a point where the model would suffer from flight characteristics. Chemicals other than fiberglass resin would be desirable. They were always so messy to deal with. What do you guys think about these ideas? Are there any posts that are already doing as I am suggesting? regards Duane
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