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Default Full size gyrocopter prerotater electric motors

I need a very light prerotater for the rotor on a full-size single-place gyrocopter.

Do current R/C power systems have these capabilities?
-- max weight of 7 pounds (motors, batteries, controllers, props)
-- duration of 15 minutes
-- reversible rotation so the motors can be used for prerotation AND for rotor braking after landing
-- 10 lbs of thrust per motor
-- wireless control for on, off, reverse
-- propeller brake so that went the motor is off the prop won't rotate

The attached pic approximates what I am talking about, but it was done 15 years ago and didn't work very well. I am hoping the vastly improved motor/battery/controller technology of today will make enough of a difference to pursue this idea.

Click image for larger version

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