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Default Flyzone Acro-Wot Mk2

Lost my first one last year as behind trees lost visibility.

It's take off is instant and handles well. Nice breeze today near effortless flight. To me has a slight touch of 3D.

Only caution at least on mine can roll over onto nose on pavement landings, lost at least a prop or two on my first one.

This is not a rudder ship, it's designed to fly aileron, had newbies inquire to fly just rudder, strongly suggest against trying that, it's going to require aileron.

Anyone previous aileron experience should be fine. These types often need constant attention on the controls, just go easy.

I'm near skilled on deadstick, this isn't quite the plane to do that, but I enjoy this, bear the nose down on approach for flying speed at the correct times often works for me. If something goes wrong as losing a prop inflight, nice to have this ability.

This puppy is fun, caution abit above beginner level, Please have a skilled pilot if your first attemp on aileron.
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