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Originally Posted by JetPlaneFlyer View Post
Funny thing that you bring this up today, I was just looking at temperature controlled soldering stations. I have one already but I could do with something with a few more watts for heavy gauge wire soldering.

depends what you mean by 'not too expensive'. From all the review I've read the HAKKO FX-888D gets highly recommended. Unfortunately for me these aren't available here in the UK but I have found some other good options the XYTRONIC LF-3000 looks good.
Thanks for your post and taking your word for it, I just ordered one from Amazon. As to "not too expensive", that seems to be an oxymoron when used describing a good soldering Now if it only comes with the correct tip(s) for our work....not too well described as to the tip(s) that come with the unit but it did include a free(??) wire

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