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Default Walkera QR X350 Pro Battery

Hi Everyone - great to be a part of the forums
I have a QR X350 Pro coming which has a 11.1v 5200mAh battery included (well two in fact) and comes with the standard charger which looks to me to be a pretty basic one with 0.8A output.
In my mind charging a 5200 at 0.8A will take forever (or 6.5 hours by my calculations!?)
Does anyone have one of these and if so what do you charge it with and at what rate / how long does it take
If anyone is interested I can do a review of it once i get it - hopefully in the next couple of days .. it has the Devo 10, G2D Gimbal and an iLook camera included so once i get some goggles I will be able to go FPV - can't wait!
Thanks for any information.
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