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Default don't be in too big a hurry

Seeing as it was the first day in a very long time with only light winds I decided to maiden the FT Viggen this morning.
For bench test I had a orange 4 channel receiver in it. I thought it should be fine for the maiden as I won't be pushing it and keeping it close.
It flew so well I forgot I had the small receiver.
A couple of minutes into the flight I opened her up and boy does she move. Before this I had kept her low and slow. This is the best flying edf I've ever had. Cut the power and she glides forever. Can nearly get her to hover.
Back to the story at hand. On a high speed pass she got a little further than I meant it to and lost contact with the receiver. ESC failsafe cut the motor and she nosed in from around 150 feet.
As I start walking towards the place of impact I touched the throttle and motor spins up. Couldn't have walked more than 15 feet. Walk back to where I was originally and loose contact again.
When I got to her the only damage was to the break away nose cone. Did its job perfectly.
Moral of the story. Take the time to use the proper equipment, especially when you try to use a shorter range receiver on something that goes very very quick.

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