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Default KK2 Quad unstable after prop size change

I have a Turnigy HAL frame and components I put together from HobbyKing. I followed a youtube recipe for the parts, and it flew impressively well from the word go. However, after numerous crashes, I ran out of spare props. I wanted colored props for orientation reasons, and all I could find were sets in 10x4.5 size, whereas my originals were 8x6.

Excited after mounting my new props, I test flew and I found the machine goes into an oscillation right away until I lose control. With the old props, it hovered in a very nice stable fashion. I noticed if I accelerate vertically, it become stable during the acceleration phase, but then when held to hover, it begins oscillating again.

Is it possible to reprogram the KK2 controller to compensate for the larger props I wonder? I can't find anything in the manual that describes a procedure for prop size. Thanks.
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