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Default sub trims ? Neutral ? -120, + 120, totally confused!

I'm making the transition from 35 to 2.4 systems, and have a Turnigy 9X transmitter. I'm getting into it, and my cantonese mentality re the manual is improving rapidly!
It does not help in the 'set up', just in the 'do this' to alter /save/exit etc.
That's ok, but I need to know how to set the sub-trims on each model.
I understand about tiny servo to 90 deg adjustments etc., but the main things I need to understand are these points:

What is a sub-trim, and what does it do?

Where is the neutral point, and what does it mean?

Why are there two ranges swinging from -120 to + 120 degs.?

...also a step by step would be good, if anybody knows of a url to try!

Thank you,
Den ,
Cymru (Wales)
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