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Default Powered Hang glider

Hi Guys,

I had a few projects in mind using my microlight wing and this is one of them,
the other will be none powered hangglider but that should be easy after this one as no prop torque to worry about,
it will be made scale once ive got it flying nice so pilots arms,head and 'sleeping bag' as I call it lol

its showing real promise and flies lovely in a straight line, super stable!
I have a few things to work on to get it steering nice though
the servos I had were too small so the servo arms too short and fragile,
also theyre a little underpowered but I knew that before I started, I just wanted to test it desperately so threw them on lol

it will steer when straight and level doing moderate banks but if it banks too much the servos couldn't get the weight to shift to the other side so just kept turning more until the inevitable happens
good news though is it crashes very well like the microlight,
infact even better because less inertia and no pod etc to break lol

It flies really slow and will lift out of your hand at brisk walking pace,
if a slight headwind it only takes a few steps!
it is much lighter than the trike so is alot more of a glider than this wing fitted with the trike which you would expect.

the hang point is exactly the same as with the trike, I just adjusted the point where the 'hangstrap' meets the pilots back to get the prop levelish,

could do with a slightly smaller prop to kill abit of thrust though as half throttle is more than enough!

so ill be fitting new larger servos in the next few days and itll be back out again for more testing

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