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Originally Posted by dahawk View Post
I'm in the process of converting a gas Great Planes Piper Cherokee to electric incorporating a set of all metal HK servoless retracts .This will make it a Piper Arrow.

I actually bought the plane used from a buddy and he had already added air retracts. What a project. All I need to do is switch them out. Sounds easier task than it is.

I'm removing the air retracts and the first thing I noticed on the HK steerable nose gear is that besides the normal arm that the servo pushrod/ clevise rides up and down on while the gear lowers and raises, there's a small compression spring attached with a screw to the base.

Where does the other end of the spring attach to ? What does it do? Is it a centering spring?

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One of my club members flies those $$$$ wet turbine models. Up until this year, he used air retracts. After flying with electric retracts this year, he's indicated he will never use an air retract system again.

Don't know what brand his electric retracts were. But, knowing him, they were not cheap, especially when installed in a kerosene turbine model worth thousands of dollars.

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