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Originally Posted by Fishbonez View Post
thanks for the reminder I forgot to put in my wattmeter test results.
1/2 Throttle
10.3 Amps
102.3 Watts

Full Throttle
26.5 Amps
282 Watts

So the ESC was overkill but with a 4s setup it will still be good to go
Watts I don't know if that's good. I have a hard time wrapping that info around my head
dont worry about the watts, but pay attention to the amps drawn, its ok to exceed the max amperage a little for a short 5 second burst. your watts will be close to your amp draw x 10, 10.3 amps x 10 = 103 Watts, 26.5 amps x 10 = 265 Watts, as you can see, its close to what you have.

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