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Originally Posted by garyp1029 View Post
I parallel charge my 3s 1600 amh batteries at the same time. Ditto, the 3s 3200 batteries. My question--Is it safe to parallel 3s batteries of DIFFERENT mah--for example, a 1600, a 2200, and a 3200 at the same time?? My understanding is that I can safely do this---hook the three (all 3s) to the charger and (adding the amps) set the charger for a 1C charge of 1.6+2.2+3.2, or 7 Amps. Is this correct thinking? Thanks. Gary
My understanding, as long as your cells are at roughly the same state of discharge, and have exactly the same number of cells, they can be parallel charged.

In fact, Cellpro sells parallel cable sets for this purpose.

This unit supports up to six parallel connected batteries, and each port is fused. Just in case.

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