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Default H-29 MicroJet Edition Build Log, (Now with 100% more build log).

I've been out the hobby for about 5 years and switched to helicopters maybe a year before that. I decided to break out my Airwolf and had an epic movie style crash during a high banked FFF turn. Gues I should'nt have been humming that theme, but it's impossible not too.
Wattflyer was nice enough to archive the 8 year old plans to my favorite pocketjet. I lost the newer plans on a failed hard drive years ago but "rev3" is better than starting from scratch.
With some found new old parts and 4 sheets of black Dollar Tree foamboard and after watching too many Flite Test YouTube videos, I cant help that either, they're like the Top Gear of RC flying, I set off to modernized the build process and look of the plane using a KFm-2 wing. I hear angles are all the rage in Italian automobile, and stealth plane, design currently.

Parts list:
  • FC28-22 rewound to put out 260w,
  • 2 HXT500s to start, may strip the helicopter's HXT900 servo if they're good as it's totaled,
  • 30amp SS ESC, or Thunderbird 36 again because totaled,
  • Rhino 25c 1550, charged and tested good,
  • Turnagy SGS 5x5 prop, because they're awesome,
  • Ar6100, bought a 4ch RX for the plane but again, totaled.

Plans are laid out to fit on one sheet of foamboard. It uses 12 sheets of paper.
Details on cutting the NACA ducts are HERE.

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