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Default Taranis and OrangeRX module questions...

Hi All,

I started to have minor issues with one of our 5 9XR radios with a potentiometer attached to the elevator gimbal. (Would drift off center over time up and down.) so while waiting on the replacement gimbal (which HK will do if you ask nicely and show video of the problem...) I bought a Taranis...

Learning curve is rough, but it is so feature packed it is worth it!

All of my planes so far work fine. My latest conquest however does not.

Connect battery, bind, controls all work but every so often, the controls go haywire. (Servos jitter at random spots... You can get it to stop, but have to wiggle rapidly between -100 and +100 on the affected stick.)

Tried binding the same to my daughter's 9XR and had same problem. (Same type of module) Tried binding using different receiver... same problem. Bound the affected receiver to the DX6i NO ISSUE! Bound a different brand receiver to the Taranis, NO ISSUE... Same receiver with genuine satellite... Issue comes back. No satellite, Orange Satellite, every possible combination.....

DX6i works fine... DX5e Works fine... OrangeRX module in Taranis has issues.
Change the TYPE of receiver and there are no issues.

Voltage is 6v from BEC.

PPM settings are 22.5 and 300u NEGATIVE for external module.

Not sure what is up with it... (I think it is going to be some setting issue as I had one earlier with a specific model that was tough but changing those numbers slightly helped stabilize it fully, and the issue never came back.)

Thanks - Gunny
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