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Default Taranis - How To Section

Figured I would post some tips on the Taranis system:

1. Uses the older USB 2.0 not newer USB 3.0 so older systems would have less issues using the optional companion software. (Newer ones need driver updates etc.)

2. Use with a simulator - Create a new model called "Simulator", then configure the model like you want, and connect it using the PPM cable. In the options for the model, first page at the bottom, set trainer to SLAVE. All should work.

3. To use as a trainer - This is a three step process after you bind the model and set up model normally.
a. Set the transmitter settings (Hold menu, enable the trainer port channels ":=" will be for replace.). Plug in radio and calibrate midpoints. Lastly, you can invert them by switching +100 and -100.
b. On the model, short press of menu, Make sure that the trainer mode is MASTER.
c. On the last page of the model, "Custom Functions" set CF1 to Trainer, and set the switch to use. (IE: SH down)

4. Setting up EXPO / Dual Rates... This is incredibly vast in OpenTX...
You have a bunch of flight modes.. fm0, fm1, fm2 etc... Each of these can have their own expos and rate sets (High low medium etc...) The next page will edit the rates for the selected flight mode.

5. Using external transmitter modules: In the model, you have to enable the external radio in the first screen. (Normally this will be PPM, 1-8) and you can DISABLE the internal radio or leave it on.
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