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Default A little test with hobbyking

Some years ago I purchased a number of arfs, plug n fly, and kit planes from hobbyking. Like almost everyone else I was thoroughly disappointed by the quality and exceptionally disappointed by the way items were shipped.
I haven't bought planes from HK since but do still get my batteries and electronics from them.
Recently though some friends have been telling me that things have greatly improved and that both quality and packing are much better.
So, seeing as I was looking for some lazy day flyers and had some extra cash, I decided to purchase three of their cheapest offerings to see just what is what with HK these days.
This will be a thread spread out over some time as i have so little time to devote to my beloved hobby, but in it over the next several weeks I will detail everything I can about the experience.

The three planes are:
The skymaster V2

The HK slow stick

And the HK micro J3 cub rtf.

All items shipped to Canada from the international warehouse via fedex. ( I normally use EMS but a package with lipos will only be shipped by FedEx these days.)
Package arrives today. We'll see how things go and if things have really improved since 5 years ago.

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