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Unhappy Newbie at foamplanes, HELP!

Hi, I am pretty new to foamplanes and think it looks cool to build your own plane and fly it! I have flewn alot of simulator and trainerplanes for several years, and I recently ordred a minimoa glider 1500mm! But because my winged dragon sportser had an accident with a tree its no longer flyable.. :-( but then it struck me, maybe I could use the parts from the art-tech sportsrer on a foamplane! All of the servos and the engine still work, so I assume I have the nessecary electronic parts... Could you be so kind to answer me if this is possible? I also have a old hydrofoamplaneboat-thing that I got from a friend, the same goes for it, engine and servos still work perfectly fine! Another problem is that none of the planes are powered with lipo's, is it possible to convert them into lipo's?
Regards Mats J.
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