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I've seen the same thing a few times, usually it's caused by a bad solder joint on one of the ESC to motor bullets, or a bad connection between bullets. It could also be a broken or burned out wire in the motor (though if the motor is new that's not so likely). Or it could be a faulty ESC, or occasionally it's just a incompatibility between ESC and motor.

Double check the bullets, you didn't by any chance cut the motor wires before soldering on the bullets did you? If the bullets check out then to narrow it down the easiest way is to try another ESC or another motor and see where the fault is. Playing with the ESC programming is unlikely to help and if the motor stutters when you apply throttle then that proves that the Rx is receiving signal and the ESC is armed, so re-setting throttle calibration or re-binding wont help.
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