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Default Help w/ Apprentice S 15e

I'm having a problem with my Apprentice S 15e. I went flying today and after plugging in the battery, switching on the transmitter, setting the airplane on a flat surface and turning on the switch, nothing happened. I repeated the process and tried turing on the transmitter before the airplane and still nothing. I flew last weekend w/ no issues and the plane has been sitting in my garage since.

When the battery is plugged in the plane, I get the 3 beeps and that is. Whenever the battery is plugged into the Apprentice, the planes flight controls move and the gyroscope (or whatever that thing is) makes a humming sound. My plane isn't doing any of that. The motor and all servos aren't responding. There isn't a light illuminating on the ESC, should there be? I checked all of the connections and everything appears to be solid. The battery is fully charged and checks out on a volt meter. The battery's in the transmitter are good too. I made sure that my throttle was at 0% before turning anything on. How can I diagnose this issue? I have a volt meter handy.

Sorry if this is covered somewhere else, I searched but didn't find anything. I'm fairly new to the sport but am somewhat tech savvy.
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