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Default Recommended Best Buys for Motor/ESC

Hey guys,
I am going into a hobby that my parents always thought was too expensive, but that I always wanted to try. I am buying this as a fun project for my cousin and I to make some planes.

I found MikeysRC on youtube and decided to build some of his planes. One of the things I don't find is brand/model recommends for motors/ESC's etc.

the planes I want to build recommend a 1100-1400kv motor and 30A ESC/with BEC.
3-4 9g servos
(planes= mikeysRC sport trainer and FPV V3)

But what brand/model to buy?

Turnigy sounds like its a good deal, but probably poorly made.

I was looking at this motor, but it seems kind of expensive. definitely looks like a well made kit. m/63m14 (add a w remove the space and add .html)

For a complete Newbie, whats the best deal out there (usually available or one you know at the moment)(price and quality. something I can buy a couple of for a couple planes and not break my bank. something that will last )
you could also just recommend brands.

maybe you could recommend a motor/10in prop combo? Servo recommends on good hearty servos?

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