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Default Fly by Wire ......

OK - most of us know that aircraft such as F16 and other highly manoeuvrable have Fly By Wire ... allowing outrageous CoG and power set-ups too be tamed and flyable by human hand.

Some may consider this is best posted in radio section ... I disagree as I think it has a wider aspect and could be of interest to more than those who scroll down there !!

How would we set-up a model that is basically way out of balance but controllable ... in essence mimicking FbW ?

Can the present offerings such as 3 axis stabilisers do it ?

I accept that taming commands will be difficult without full processing of stick commands as the F16 / Eurofighter etc. does ... but we would have stabilising mode to stop the model at a point of no-stick ...

I have a Delta test machine that has failed to launch ... yes in addition to my PKJ Twin ... the Snice-Mitar pusher. I've altered CoG .. I've changed prop and thrust lines. I'm still having trouble with her. I think she's of a design (I modified Schumate's plans - so blame me - not him !!) that does not want to fly well ... maybe.
Can the 3-axis stabiliser provide FbW to ease this ?

If not - then is there any light at end of tunnel for FbW for models ?

Remember that FbW in fact is the command given by pilot interpreted by Computer into the required control input to surfaces to achieve desired effect. If the computer was not there - the aircraft would basically be un-flyable. But it still allows a pilot to over-ride in extreme circumstances.

Interesting debate ?


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