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Originally Posted by pizzano View Post
Sorry to say, but it is what it is.....a very beginner 4ch coax that has lost popularity due to it's docile behavior even with up-grades.....that said, consider up-grades only as a measure for replacement of broken parts, it's really not worth throwing $$$ at....

Here's a link that may give some insight:

Boardom will soon set in.... and rotor blade replacement will become frustraiting after out door flights in any kind of breeze!
Oh yes the breeze lol! I was flying in the car wash at work, and the entrance was open. Wind was getting in there and created a suction of sorts, just pulled the heli towards the outside, not enough to combat the light wind, so just had to take it down. On the Blade site, it seems like the top end beginner heli, but clearly too beginner, considering I've outgrown it and I've never flown a heli... guess quads and flight in general have brought me past what the heli offers. If I ever get a heli for myself, it would not be a coaxial one it seems. It's a good heli for me to show him how to do stuff, but it barely does anything.
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