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Default I'm in servoless retract hell!-Advice needed

Having a problem and I’m stumped.
Bought a set of all-metal , 120 size w/ 5mm pin servolless retracts from HK for my Piper Cherokee/Arrow conversion. All was working okay until the nose gear stopped working . Nada. No power, nothing.

I pulled it out. Went to buy another HK nose gear but they don’t sell them separately. Go figure.

So I bought a stand-alone 120 size nose gear from PW-RC. Bench tested then installed in plane.

Reconnected 3 way“Y” connector , flipped the gear switch and ? The mains go up while the nose gear goes down and vice a versa. Tried swapping leads around and same thing. Tried plugging in nose gear alone to get it in synch and it doesn’t work. Something amiss here. They will not cycle in unison.

Even tried reversing gear servo on TX. No go.I notice when the plane first powers up the HK mains cycle without flipping the gear switch. Ittakes the move of the switch to change the nose gear. But thenthe mains go down while the nose comes up.Ugh !

I have a DX9and am using an 8 channel RX. Is it possible to program a mix? Have extra channels available. EG. Plug the nose gear into Aux 2 and run the mains on a two way Y connector?Program gear to aux 2 ?I’m running short of ideas.

Have never experienced this problem before.

Any ideas?
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