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Originally Posted by skyler View Post
Had a lot of trouble today learning to fly an electric Gentle Lady. Have been adjusting the center of gravity and getting familiar with new transmitter.

The plane was unstable, and there were wind gusts of 6 to 7 mph. HOw significant is this amount of wind for this type of plane? At what point does the wind become significant?
Years ago I flew one of those Gentle Lady models. It was a very good model for learning to fly thermals and so on. Later on, it was electrified, making it an even better model.

As for wind, one thing to watch for is the possibility of the wind picking up your model and cartwheeling it after a landing. Not to much of a problem with a model that has no landing gear. It is a concern on some of the lightweight models that are available now. With pure sailplanes, another issue is getting down wind. If the wind is to high, you can't get your model back to the pilots area.

We've got a number of club members that fly both $$$$ giant scale, wet turbine, big gasser models. And, when the wind hits 15 MPH plus, those same guys haul out those jet foamies that with a good pilot can handle just about any sort of wind.

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