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Not sure about the Gentle lady but in general, it's normally pretty windy here in North Texas and the light foamies can be a challenge. Can't fly in wind, you just can't fly at all here. Calm days are a rarity. So you learn to cope and adjust your squadron accordingly. Some planes I leave home when I know the wind will be gusting.

But there are limits to everything. I lose comfort in 15-20. No fun fighting it. If it's 10-15, I'm okay with it but on my toes. . The larger, heavy balsa planes and edf's do okay. I never have a wind problem with my edf's. The park flyers get tossed around with the exception of my overpowered T-28. The golden zone for me is 5-10. Yowzer ! I'm out there. When it gets over 100deg F in the summer, a breeze actually feels pretty good.

Been using A nice app. Gives you a forecast and even a super forecast. It's better than our own weather station at the field.

Good luck !

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