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Default Dynam Waco Motor Failure

This morning I flew my Dynam Waco (using the stock set-up 4s 2200 battery and 12/6 prop) for the first time (and it flew beautifully), but on the 3rd flight the motor began making a loud metallic noise, so I landed the plane. I found the drive shaft/propellar almost frozen and very difficult to turn. It seemed to catch every few mm of hand turning. When I first unboxed the plane I had noticed a mild catching, but being an electric newbie I thought it would loosen up after running. Obviously, I was wrong. The motors of my first two planes---Apprentice and Super Sportster rxr---turn freely and smoothly. I emailed Nitro this AM and told them the story and asked for a new replacement motor. The phone number on their website---626 968-9860---does not work, and the substitute given is only 7 digits long---626 0664---and is therefore incomplete. SO . . . do you agree that the motor was defective OR is there another factor that should be considered Thanks. Gary P.S.--Does anyone have their complete 10 digit number?
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