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Usually I do it by eyeball .. the eye is remarkably accurate in seeing an out of align item ...

But there are ways to do it ..

A straight edge held along the Centreline so the Leading edge centre, aileron front edge centre and aileron trailing edge centres all form a straight line...

Second way - and this is trusting that you hold the ruler edge similar areas top and then bottom. A symet wng with correct aileron form ... the aileron should continue the symet form to it's trailing edge as if it was a fixed rib. So putting the ruler straight edge along the rear top section of the wing should show whether the aileron is UP or DOWN ... then do same to the rear bottom section ... you should see equal results.

There are some wings and tailplanes that can be difficult to determine centre line - my Edge 540 is like that ... by eyeball - the elevators have a slight up to them. Put a straight edge and you see the 1 - 2mm error.

BUT final word ... In fact aligning the ailerons to wing is not the most important factor. The most important is having BOTH ailerons the same right and left. This is easy to do with a ruler and a flat table. Block up the model so wing tips are exact same height of table. Now measure the ailerons trailing edge height of the table. Make both the same. Even if they are now slightly out of alignment with wing - they both make the same 'lift coefficient' ... a starting point for trimming.

So my advice ... set up by eyeball reasonably straight ......... then do the table bit of getting them same. Go fly, trim and enjoy.


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