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Default connection problems with Durafly T28 Trojan

I'm new to this hobby and have only just joined the forum. I started with a 'Champ' flying it aroud our field, and then bought a Supercub, which I have had for about 2 years. I suppose it's not the original one, as almost all the parts have been replaced several times. I wanted to upgrade to an 'aileron' model and it was suggested that the T28 Trojan was a good 'next plane'
This week my new Durafly model arrived (couldn't get a PZ) and I realise it was a bad choice - too complicated for me.
Can anyone help please? I am using a DX6i with an AR6210X receiver.
I've plugged everything in and it works OK but when I plug the flaps into the 'AUX' channel the elevator and flaps work together.
Any ideas please? I've been on it for hours!!!! (no days)
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