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Originally Posted by kyleservicetech View Post
There are a number of very good computer programs for calculating electric motor or electric model performance, based on the motor mfg, motor model, prop size, number of battery cells and so on.

There are a lot of other similar programs out there, both free, and not free.

So, could the wattflyer readers post the program(s) they use, and its corresponding web site? Perhaps, also include a list of the good things and bad things about the program you use. This would be very useful for all of us.
Kyleservice tech uses

Good things:
It provides an overall suggestion on how well the model will fly based on wingspan, wing area, weight, and power system selected.

Bad things:
It's only as accurate as the motor specs provided by the mfg. Some of the motocalc motor specs listed are off by quite a bit.

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