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Default Torque Revolution 4016-500 and Castle Phoenix Edge

Good Evening,

Yesterday I finally got my Castle Creation Edge and Torque Revolution 4016-500 hooked up. Everything seemed to be going well. When I was testing it, when stopping it would slow down and then suddenly stop. I checked to make sure braking wasn't on and it wasn't. Didn't really worry about it too much as it was not a big issue. I put everything back together and was fine tuning everything when it all went bad. The volume on the speed control was extremely limited and I get the error code failed to start. I have an external BEC and that is working fine so it is probably not the battery. I tried a couple other batteries with the same results. The ESC and Motor are brand new. I do not have a spare ESC or motor to test it with to see if it is an issue with the ESC or motor. When the motor tries to start I hear this clicking. I also checked the log and the maximum current was 46 Amps on a 75 Amp ESC.

Any help would be great.


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