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Default New E-Flight location in Temple GA

Just wanted to chime in that the director of parks and recreation said we can fly in the 7acre field at Little Tallapoosa Park.

I got cleared for park flyers or small electrics.

There is a fair amount of room, not quite like Mc Intosh reserve, but it will do.

Field is grass and is normally cut, but there is a gravel road that leads to it. (It is smooth enough to land on)

If there is a desire to fly, and no one is using the field, check in with the front gate. No fees for parking or park use so far.

We recently lost one flying location in the area, so for me this is huge. The park is hardly used, and the 7 acres is well isolated and secluded. I think it can be rented too for exclusive use.

We will be flying there some over the summer. I would not bring gas or large electric models for noise reasons.
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