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Default E-sky ek2-0420a transmitter

Hi everyone! I recently decided to get my hands on my old e-sky honey bee King 2 to retrieve the RX for the quadricopter I'm going to build. Today I made the first tests with a servo and I can say that it works, but it works a little '"too much". Now, I'm not an expert on the subject, but the channels should not be separated? because when I plug in the servo in the entry 1, for example, it moves with both throttle and the roll's sticks and also a bit with the pitch. It appens similary with the entry 2 instead of the 4, in witch the servo moves twice as much as before, and returns to repeat itself with the 6. Is it normal? New batteries for the TX and RX LiPo freshly charged.
P.S. This receiver also has another strange thing: it has an entry called B, but the power was given on pin 3 with an E-sky regulator, who also commandes the main rotor DC motor ... I haven't tried to plug in my 3S to pin B, but if it would do any good I might try it!
Thank you very much for help!
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