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Default Working on plans of 70" sport aerobatic job ... ULTRAWATT

First of - please bear with me and I know this is WATTflyer and not FUELflyer .. but I really love Wattflyer forum and hope you can share with me this adventure. The model is being set up for either E or Fuel ... so if anyone wants to build - you should have no problems whatever power you wish to put up front !

Online are copies of Colin Ushers plans which closely resemble classic UK models : Wot4, Acro-Wot etc.
There's a whole range to suit flying ability.

One of the best which follows on nicely from the hugely successful and agile WOT4 is the Acro-Wot .... see attached.

It literally combines sleek looks and ability of the WOT4, Edge etc. into a good sunday sport machine.

Similar concept was put together by Colin to produce the Killer-Watt ... a 58" model that will just about pull the stops out on most peoples ability with a 45 glow up front !

He then developed the MEGA-WATT which is 70" span based on a good 60 Glow.

I have a RCGF 15cc and also a 4850 650kv Aero motor sitting around doing nothing ... loads of foam ... loads of pine board ... alloy tubes etc. and a 2.4m x 1.2m sheet of WBP 4mm Ply..... and 8mm Marine ply.

So I converted the Megawatt PDF's to JPG ... and started work on them.... to create what I call "ULTRAWATT" ........

First was to modify so that the fuselage can take the power of a mega e-motor or the 15cc... this means PLYWOOD instead of balsa .. it also means finding ways to compensate to get weight back down again ...

Fuselage modifications :

a) Balsa sides amended to 4mm ply with lightening holes made between formers.
b) The Ply sides are the straight vertical side full length incl. wing seat.
c) Top curved decking is ply formers with depron folded over.
d) Bottom sheet is either laminated sheets of thin balsa or depron.
e) Tail feathers .. Fin, Rudder, Stabs, Elevators are to be laminated 3mm balsa - 3 sheets to make 9mm depth. This imparts great strength and allows easy hingeing into the central balsa layer.
f) Formers will be ply 4mm

The wing came in for the most work ... as I wanted larger shorter span ailerons so I could then fit flaps. This is work still in hand ... but basically the ailerons are 1/3rd span and flaps 1/4 ... The rear spar that on original plan that is angled back is now at angle that provides strength for the hinge line of ailerons and flaps. The size of which should allow extreme control and manoeuvres.
The wing tips were made more lined up with C/L and not swept and this made tip rib perpendicular with the others.

It is planned to fit alloy tubes into the wing halves set at slight cosmetic dihedral and allow the splitting of wing into two ...
The front dowels and rear bolts will need extra to assist with keeping such a wing together during extreme flight .. this being a large model.

Ribs will be a mix of depron 6mm and balsa, with main structural at centre / wing seat and tubes of ply. The ply mainly to add the required strength to carry the wing joint and fitting loads.

The cowl - I am going to try and secure a cowl from another model - preferably a Midget Mustang style .. with the cheek bulges. This will then help to blend in any fuel motors cylinder head etc.

I hope the airframe will have immense strength but little weight penalty ... and be capable of some entertaining flight.

The final finish I intend to revert to traditional methods with one exception ... no Dope. I will secure some ultra light silk from local dress-makers and the PVA this on as covering ... with final cosmetics via airbrush etc.

This is of course a longer term project than many of my others ... with the intention to have a model that I can show of at meetings ... to have something a little different from the EDGE, CAP, EXTRA etc. offerings so often seen.

If anyone has suggestions - then fire away ... even if I don't use them - don't be upset - all ideas are well worth it and filed away for later projects etc.

I hope someone else can have a go at this ... I reckon she'll be a real show stopper ...
If anyone wants the jpg files so they can hack at them - let me know ...

I tried uploading the wing plan as of now - but attachments keeps crapping out on it !!

NOTE : Plans are being worked on continuously - so even above may get changes before finished !


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