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Originally Posted by vv2369 View Post
hello, im a complete newbie, i started a thread for i am lost for answers, ive read probably all about slowsticks for the last 2months most on this site,thank you guys.
my problem is my slow stick always rolls to the left or right, and crashes. by now my slowstick is no longer good looking .
im using power 400 slowfly and 1300mah lipo,CoG at 95mm, i was foolish enough to install aileron but i removed it,taped it back.
i always take off to the wind(if there's any) and after a few feet from the ground it either roll to the right or left then of course, epic return to earth.
the wings are fine (as far as i could see) lots of cracks than the local san andreas faults here in socal. most of it from foolishly trying in the wind,BTW i installed the clear plastic wing insert so it reduced the dihedral and i cant remove it without damaging something .
the most i have achieved is a straight flight then left turn then left again then balloon to ground,it wont climb anymore higher to gain alt for a safer flight. i corrected the CoG to 95mm
i 've since replace the motor mount, plastic wing mount from mellenium, and the fiberglass stick to CF and lots of motor shaft (more on the way,with prop saver , i learned this time)

but still ..need help, trying to learn this by my self, any inputs?
The roll issue is probably a C/G balance problem or the motor torque is pullling it over (prop/motor thrust angle).....decreasing the dihedral to much wihout ailerons could also contribute to the roll effect.

Here's a link that may help:......even if you've read them all.....
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