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Default Speed 600 with 2.8:1 gearbox. 2s or 3s lipos?

Please donít laugh. Iím coming back into electric rc gliding after a break of many years and have some stupid questionsÖ

I have a venerable 100S thermal soarer (1.02kg without batteries) which is fitted with a Graupner speed 600 8.4v with a 2.8:1 gearbox and a 15x8 folding CFK prop. Originally fitted with 7 cell nicads and a Jeti 350 controller.

Iíll be delighted to change to lipos, and to swap the Jeti for a brushed ESC with LVC, but Iíd like to keep to the original motor and prop. So, should I be looking at 2s or 3s with this motor / prop combo? Not burning the poor old Graupner tin can into oblivion is more important than all out performance, but some sort of positive climb rate would be niceÖ

There are probably a few who reckon that as Iím buying a new ESC anyway just get a brushless one and a cheapie inrunner to go with it. If so, any inexpensive recommendations from the Hobbyking site that will be a similar / smaller size and might even still be OK with the 15x8 prop?


PS Given the retro theme of this post, Iíd like to reassure you that Iím not still on 27mHz as well

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