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Default New guy's confusion

Hello all, new here. I bought an aircraft that came with a fairly nondescript battery. No labels no information accompanying the kit. I emailed the vendor to get some information on the charging specs and their response is a bit confusing.

Firstly, I bought the WingSurfer from Nitroplanes, and the battery is a 3S 11.1 volt 1300mAh battery.
My charger is a Tenergy TB6B

The response from their support about battery specifications were ".....and with a minimum C rating of 20C".

Minimum? That would mean I need to charge the battery at 26 amps?!?!?!?! I dont think I am understanding what they are saying. Basically I need to figure out the specs to set my charger to so I can charge up the battery.

I hope that is clear and any and all input is appreciated. Thank you.
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