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Default Help with removing and matching motors on a Cessna 337

Looking for some possible help, and of course some suggestions.

Picked up a Cessna 337 recently and maidened it a few weeks ago. Was super nervous as usual, and did all of my pre-flight/range checks, got my 3 rate settings down on my DX8, and finally said to hell with it, letís go. Off it went and took most of the runway to get off the ground. Once it did I eased the throttle back a touch as well as the elevator. Big mistake. It took a dive immediately, which resulted in me yanking completely back and up it went. After confirming no leakage in the pants, gulpÖI got up a couple hundred feet to level off and trim it out. As I came across the field I felt a sudden loss of power, but still heard a prop going. Turns out I lost the rear motor. Its heavy overall, and no way this can go with one motor. It was harrowing trying to land what felt like a rock, and with the wind too! It came down hard, bounced a few times, and finally came to a rest. Overall plane was o/k, cracked a piece of plastic from the front landing gear, and easy fix. Got a constant studder from the rear motor, checked all connections, they were fine. Tried another two motors, they worked fine, so itís the motor, even though it doesnít look or smell like it fried.

I had two Turnigy aerodrive xp, 3536 -1100 kv motor on both the front and back. Wasnít able to buy new ones, so I went with the closest possible, D3536/9 910KV. I replaced the rear motor fine, then went to the front one, and now Iím stumped. See pic:

How the heck do I get this motor off of the stand-off bolts? They go behind the bulkhead and are attached not with blind nuts (that would have made sense), but with bolts. They are impossible to get to, so they just turn. The builder must have put this one, then glued the box. I canít get a screwdriver in to get the motor off. Any suggestions?

Second question. As a backup plan, I was thinking of leaving this motor on. Would that work? The front motor would have about 200kv less than the rear, but I still run the same props, or I guess change it up if I had too. Otherwise, I would guess my solution is to cut the bolts off and put a new motor mount on.
Your thoughts are appreciated!
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