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Default Another Beginner Resource Here On Wattflyer

WF is a great source of information for newcomers to this hobby and I was hoping you could make this thread a sticky for a while.

Thread link:

It doesn't have to be a "forever sticky" like some threads since most people tend to ignore sticky threads, but I was hoping it could be stuck for 6 months or so. My rationale is that it will give beginners enough time to either see it or post in the thread and become aware of it and share it with others.

It will also give us time to help recruit more volunteers to become MA mentors. As we all know, starting out in this hobby can be both difficult and expensive, but with someone helping you along the way that can come over or have the newcomer go to their house or the flying field can be extremely helpful. Not to mention it helps save lots of money.

And if the mentor is like me, he has tons of stuff he is not using and is always looking to "donate" his used stuff for free to anyone willing to learn or anyone that can use it.

Thanks and if you have any questions please let me know.


PS I can't seem to change the title to something more appropriate.

Can you change it to: Need Help? Looking For Someone Local? Wanting To Help Others In This Hobby?
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