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Default E-Flite/Blade/Horizon Quality

I am thoroughly enjoying my UMX planes, and trying to enjoy my MCPX Bl, though find it too twitchy to learn CP flight on. My gripe is with the quality of products. My first issues was with the UMX SBach, which would lose reception randomly, resulting in essentially totaling the plane. Well Horizon sent me a new board, though I would have liked a bit more than just a board, considering the cost of repairs. I have the new board now, and just installed it, as I have all the necessary parts to rebuild the plane. It is a good thing I didn't glue everything up...the board won't bind, and I don't think it ever will. It just blinks, yet I tried rebinding the Pitts, and even the old SBach board, which do bind up to the Orange module. Then comes my MCPX BL. The original board was garbage, the heli was unable to pirouette. I complained and they suggested sending the heli in. I really don't see the point in paying for shipping to have a heli sent in for a part that I had to pay for shipping the get in the first place. As a result, I sent the board in to megasmicros to have the board repaired, would be the same price anyway. I have a new board for the heli as well, which I paid nearly $100 for. Now I am no pro at heli flight, and I do crash the MCPX BL, but the new board died on me crashing into a field of medium height grass. I am left with a board that just blinks. What is odd is that others who have this heli, including Rich, who makes the Airtime Skids, reported smashing the heli into walls, shattering the canopy, twisting everything, and I destroy the board with no real physical damage to anything other than canopy. Am I just getting bad luck here? I am really getting to be disappointed with the quality of Horizon stuff, three bad boards right from the get go, and others that died on me from impacts less severe than smashing into walls. The UMX Pitts has been my only products that has served me well with absolutely zero issues. I feel I am not getting good support either, that I have mentioned to Horizon about the issues of now three separate incidences and they do not seem to care.
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