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Default Todays great hobby ...

The Times they are'a changin' ..... so sang Dylan ..

And no less than in our great hobby.

Like many - I've been in this game for a few decades ... and the changes over the last few years have been absolutely amazing. Electrics, Foam, LiPo, 2.4Ghz ... is there any end to it ?

There are so many old 'rules' that now are just old-hat and basically put aside .. and one in particular sits with me : Wings.

For years - I like others built basically box-girder wings .. strong LE, plenty of ribs, top and bottom spars with webbing etc. Structures that strength vs size / weight were probably overkill. Foam come along and in one sweep of the 'foam brush' we have wings that 30yrs ago - we would have laughed of the field.

With e-power has come the possibility to re-create more scale like front ends .. reduce the doublers and strengthening we had to resist pounding of IC engines ...

The changes are simple staggering.

E-power lets us really indulge nostalgia as well - but in a way that was never possible before. You can now take a Super 60 ... an ol'timer model and stick a brushless in it and KNOW it will fly and fly well. Not like before when you would say a little prayer before launching it into the hands of the gods. Lightweight models of yesteryear are open house now for e-power ... witness HK and others starting to have one or two appearing on the shelves !

One of the biggest developments of course is the E-Helicopter ... no longer the poor-relation - it has taken the world by storm.
Attempts 30yrs ago led to umbilical cords from car batterys ... NiCD packs that could only just about lift the model a few feet before giving up ... IC reined supreme ... But now ? They have led on to Quads, Multi-rotor jobs that previously no-one even imagined.

Brings us onto .. EDF ... years ago - I used to attend various meetings in UK where the pioneers "Norman" father and son were pushing this envelope with IC engines ... and at times Jet Hangar Hobbies and others would come over from USA to show of the Kfir's, Mig's with their retracts and glossy GRP fuselages ... Well now it's E=powered and the limits of what airframe seem to be near gone ...

Foam moulding ... lightweight ... clean E-power ... high power LiPo ... it just seems to have turned the RC world upside down .. and inside out.

What a great time to be 'flying' .... fabulous !


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