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Default Motor and Plane Sizes

Can anyone direct me with a link that covers various plane sizes and motors? No need to cover scale as I get that.

Motors have me real confused like size 10, 15, 25 ect which I think mean equivilent to gas mm size.

Then I see on sites like Hobbyking 32-40 act which seem to be physical dimensions.

Trying to figure out how to upgrade a plane motor for a little more power. For example I have a plane with a EF 15-BL, and I think I can use a 25 BL from Heads Up RC, but not certain. What it boils down to I do not know what I am looking for and with hundreds of motor out there is very confusing.

Plane sizes also has me a bit confused. For example a 300 or 400 size. I know that is some measurement but what?
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