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Default SBEC Noise??

I have a problem that exceeds my level of experience so I am hoping for some help. Last year I installed a NTM 42-58 500kv motor and Turnigy Thrust 70A SBEC speed controller in my newly completed Sig 4 Star model.

On my maiden flight I had a transmitter(of course!) issue and the flight was about 30 feet with a dinged wing tip and broken motor mount. Recently I completed my repairs and took the plane to the field for maiden flight II. A very nice and smooth flight with no issues UNTIL I was on final and then landing. I, and several others, heard a noise coming from the plane. After clearing the runway I checked the plane out for something loose or ? I then did a static run up and as I got near full power a loud "ratcheting" noise came from the plane.

At home I installed a brand new identical motor and tried again but without a prop. The shaft barely turned over and a noise came from the SBEC!!! Any idea what could be causing this? Both the SBEC and original motor only had a 5 second flight last year and a 5 minute flight this year since new. With a similar noise coming from another new motor and me being able to actually pin point the source of the noise, this should be easier to solve.

Additionally, can I try reprogramming the SBEC? Do you use the Programming Cards that can be bought with BECs? I have a hard time listening to the chimes/tones that come from the BEC and making heads or tails of them.

Thanks in advance for your help. FF
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