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Default Visionaire Landing Help

Hey Visionaire owners need some tips and advice on landing.

I fly the plane just fine, but landing has me perplexed a little and I am pretty sure it has to to with the gyro RX in it. I did something a little different today and it seemed to work OK, but I wanted to run it by experienced Visionaire pilots.

The RX holds the pitch and roll angle to whatever you set it to with the controls. For normal landing I would normally cut the throttle. let descend to just above the ground, level and then flare just before touch down. When I try that with the Visionaire it either tip stalls or just stalls and falls out of the sky.

Today what I did was put the throttle at about 40 to 50% and set the pitch to level flight or straight on the horizon. Turned final and then used the throttle to control vertical speed up or down. Basically flew it to the ground. The RX keeps the wings level assuming it is going fast enough, and the nose up on the horizon. Then just before touch down cut the throttle and flare.

It seems to work but a little faster then what I would like. Normally I would like to just level out a couple of feet above the ground, cut throttle and slowly let the plane down and drag the tail Cannot do that with this plane and have to land on main gear a little hot and it tends to bounce land a bit until the speed bleeds off enough to settle.
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