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One of the issues with over-dependence on the gyros...

Don't trim it for as high a throttle setting if you are going to depend on the gyro for keeping it stable on approach. Trim it for a slower airspeed.

The real problem is that the gyro is fighting the airplane's natural tendency to drop the nose as it approaches stall. That forces the airplane deeper into the stall with no warning. If it was possible to just turn off the pitch axis of the gyro that would help because it would let the nose drop.

Trimming for low speed and controlling descent with throttle is fine. Its actually one of the better ways to deal with landing. In essence trim controls airspeed for level flight and then power controls whether you are going up or down or holding altitude. This is a NORMAL PRACTICE for full scale.

You can just blip throttle (not extreme full... just 10% or so more power than used for the descent) and not touch elevator and it will flair for you if trimmed right...
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