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Default Receiver/ESC/Motor choices?

By way of introduction, I am an experienced pilot, aircraft designer and builder of fullsize aircraft - and brand new to RC.

What I SHOULD have done was to buy a kit, build it and learn how to fly. Instead (because I'm broke), I have spent the last week or so designing a number of rather neat looking RC planes. They are similar to existing designs, but each has its unique RTFM character. However, I am now at the stage where I need to buy some electrics, and I am completely overwhelmed by the choices available.

I've read tales of guys buying a receiver, ESC and motor, and finding out that none of the connectors correspond. So they have to start soldering different connectors to the wires. I can't even spell "soldering iron". So I'm trying to source a set of components which plug into each other.

The plane:
Name: RTFM Fireball
Span: 500mm (20 inches)
Construction: Blue foam. Basically solid foam, suitably shaped. The wing is braced (top and bottom) with CF rod, and is a single piece. It fits up under the cutout in the fuse, and is hollowed out (central section) to take all the electrics. In other words, the wing IS the plane, with the fuse magnet-bonded to it more for good looks than anything else. And to hold the vertical tail up, of course...
Wing: Full airfoil
Weight: Dunno - Check out the sketch of the plane. Maybe you're in a better position to estimate its finished weight.
Mission: SLOW flyer - I'm NOT looking for a fast plane here. I'm just learning, after all, so I want to keep it slow and easy.

I own a DX4e transmitter, BTW

Here's what I'm thinking of:
Receiver: ???
ESC: Turnigy Plush 10A
Battery: Turnigy 1300 2S
Motor: Turnigy 2204-14T

But they all need to be able to plug into each other. I've searched the Internet looking for compatible components, and am more confused now than when I started. Perhaps I had better just go into one of the hobby shops and get the guys there to kit me out with compatible components.

Warm regards,

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