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Default DCPM Pfalz XII project

Hello, I am building DPCM's 16" span Pfalz D-XII and presently have it framed up almost ready to cover. I am planning on covering with hex tissue I will print myself. Radio and power will be Flyzone micro guts from Tower hobbies, 3 ch. no aelierons.

I plan on painting mine like the one in the Australian War Memorial museum. There are a couple of others around particularly the ones at Seattle and the Musee d'Le Air. Looks like they all have light gull gray struts. Is this correct? I would have thought varnished wood.

Another question, should I try to match the patterns up on the aelierons with the wings as far as the hex camo is concerned or were they covered independently and supposed to NOT match?

Thanks for input!

Ok I got a reply from a friend who is a WW-1 researcher - he found a photo, a closeup; the struts look very metal, are held on with bolt type fittings. The photo is WW-1 and the struts are a very dark color, look black.
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